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96 facebook reviews - 5.0

Angelica Yeo - KYC client
Angelina Yeo

Thanks Daniel and Benjamin for the tyre coating service! Highly recommended for drivers who want to extend the lifespan of their car tyres and enjoy a quieter, smoother drive. Boss Daniel is patient, upfront and knowledgeable. Feel free to ask him or his staff any questions before making an appointment.

Albert Ee - KYC client
Albert Ee

Excellent service, took time to remove my rim protector that was not part of their job but work very hard to make it look good overall
no regrets

Eric Lim - KYC client
Eric H C Lim

Was very skeptical and hesitant initially but took the chance to go to since i going for my coating maintenance in the morning.I can immediately feel the difference in driving my car smoother and quieter. Highly recommended for car lovers

Hans Chia - KYC client
Hans Chia

Used their tyre coating service before, just did coating for my new car’s tyre. Friendly service and very helpful staff! Highly recommended. Tyres are quieter for sure and no more worries for nails.

Ernest Gor Gor - KYC client
Ernest Gor Gor

Thanks Daniel and Evan. Understanding customers need is what I experience in KYC. Good service and careful workmanship. Thanks for the goodies also. Thumps up. Enjoying it and hope to enjoy them in more years to come.

Andre Lim - KYC client
Andre 'A' Lim

Boss is very knowledgeable. Quite skeptical about this tyre coating service. But I must say my car feels totally different now. Much more stable and quieter now. Will definitely be doing it for all my future cars.

Chee Onn Siew - KYC client
Chee Onn Siew

Was a little bit skeptical about the coating but decided to give it a try. After driving a day, the ride is definitely quieter even when my car was already quite quiet. So far, the tyres feels like it’s like new again. Another plus side is the boss. Super friendly and treats you like his Friend.

Pc Sng - KYC client
Pc Sng

3 days into having the anti puncture coating, must say fully satisfied. Less tyre noise and smoother ride. Wish I have seen their Facebook earlier; would recommend to give it a try especially people who drives a lot.

Shah Sharif - KYC client
Shah Sharif

Just did my tyre coating and install TPMS. Feel good when driving. Thanks KYC. if you don't try you won't know. Recommended.

Desmond Kho - KYC client
Desmond Kho

Just did the anti tyre coating on Tuesday. The people there were very patient with me as I ask a lot of questions. Thank you guys.

Eugene Xu - KYC client
Eugene Xu

Changed a new set of alenza tyre and did anti puncture coating for the first time. Daniel was very patient in helping to explain to me the workings of the coat and was not pushy in selling. Ride experience so far after 5k is excellent. He provides not only coating but also car servicing. Happy with KYC garage!

Eric Thng - KYC client
Eric Thng

Performance of the tyre improved after coating is done. Very safe and stable driving on the road even during raining session & wet surface. Value added technology. Definitely well spent investment with no regrets.

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The KYC Rubber Sealant coating Difference

A process that took over 3,800 hours of research & testing to get right

Say hello to stronger & smoother tyres

Made of 100% natural rubber, KYC Sealant is the perfect complement to your tyres.

KYC sealant has been designed to improve the tensile strength and tear resistance of car tyres. It bonds seamlessly with your tyres, even under high temperatures generated by ground heat and tyre friction.

This means you can avoid the hassle and expense of frequent tyre replacements, and enjoy a safer and more comfortable driving experience.

Superior Puncture protection
100% Natural Rubber
High tear resistance
High tensile strength
It's a Gel! Not a Liquid
5 year warranty

5-year warranty

We take car tyre protection seriously and are proud to stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our puncture protection sealant with a friendly 5-year warranty against hardening or lumping.

safe & worry-free driving with KYC tyre puncture protection

Drive anywhere with confidence

Your Car tyre's stickiest BFF

KYC's superior sealant is so dense and sticky that in the event of a puncture caused by a sharp object like a nail, the air pressure forces the highly adhesive rubber sealant to fill the hole and plug the entire perforation.

This effectively seals the puncture and eliminates the need for patch repair, saving you time, money, and hassle.

Complete peace of mind

KYC's natural rubber sealant boasts high-tensile stress properties, reducing the risk of tyre blowouts when encountering rocks or other large objects on the road.

If you're a frequent traveller on the North-South Highway or simply want a worry-free road trip, choose KYC and say goodbye to wasted time waiting for roadside assistance in the heat or rain.

Picture of a child smiling and playing a guitar while sitting in a moving car.

Quiet & comfortable


In addition to providing superior puncture protection, KYC's rubber sealant also serves as an excellent sound dampener, significantly reducing the rolling sound inside your tyres by up to 30%.

Picture of a girl in tranquil, with headphones on, in a moving car.

more Fuel savings when cruising

Ready to roll

KYC's tyre puncture protection sealant isn't just great for preventing flats - it also helps maintain cruising speed on the highway by improving your tyres' rolling efficiency.

Similar to the silica used in tyre manufacturing, KYC's sealant ensures a smoother, more efficient ride for drivers who demand the best performance from their vehicles.

Picture of a bridge with numerous cars driving past

Stay in control over wet roads

Get a grip on wet roads

Don't let aquaplaning put you at risk on wet roads. KYC's sealant coating can help prevent this dangerous phenomenon — which occurs when tyres lose traction and skim over the water surface at high speeds.

With KYC's sealant coating, your tyres will have improved traction, helping you stay in control in wet conditions - with sensible driving of course.

Picture of a city with a car driving past

Puncture protection done right

KYC process step 1 - remove the tyres

remove the tyres

Your car tyres are carefully removed from your rims using professional tools.


brush & Clean

The insides of your tyres are thoroughly brushed to dislodge brake dust and dirt.

KYC process step 2 - brush and clean the tyres
KYC process step 3 - thorough rinse

Thorough rinse

Your tyre is given a thorough rinse to remove all remaining brake dust and impediments.


Deep cleanse

We use a proprietary and specially formulated chemical to enhance the performance of our rubber sealant. When combined with our tyre-washing technique, our sealant binds even more effectively to your tyre.

KYC process step 4 - deep cleanse
KYC process step 5 - KYC sealant application

KYC Sealant application

The inside of your tyres is treated with KYC's Sealant coating. It is machine-spun to create optimal application evenness.


Rest & cure

Optimal absorption of KYC Sealant requires your tyres to be spun, rested and cured for 20 to 30 minutes.

After a final round of quality assurance checks, your tyres are installed onto the rims and are now puncture-protected!

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KYC process step 6 - rest and cure
About KYC Tyre Garage

trusted since 2016 and protected over 2,400 satisfied customers

Rubber wizardry

After years of specializing in tyre puncture protection, KYC founders have gained valuable insights into how tyres work, their failure points, and the latest tyre material technology.

Leveraging this expertise, we've developed a best-in-class car tyre puncture protection service to help drivers enjoy a worry-free journey on the road.

No shortcuts, just smart work

As a company, we prioritise creating a work culture that fosters pride, open collaboration, and customer-centric processes. This culture has helped us realise efficiencies and reduce costs.

We then pass these savings to you.

Picture of a KYC worker removing a tyre rim in the garage.Picture of a KYC worker in the garage removing a tyre rimPicture of a KYC worker screwing a tyre back onto the car.
KYC's assurance

Our commitment to car tyre puncture protection

  • Effectively seal tyre punctures caused by nails & screws up to 6mm in diameter
  • will not degrade tyre or rims
  • Will not affect wheel balancing
  • Sticky, soft, and effective for 5 years

Book now for A safe and worry-free driving experience

Say hello to tyres that are better equipped to handle roadside punctures and the wear and tear of everyday driving.

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Picture of a car in KYC tyre garagePicture of a Porsche in KYC tyre garagePicture of a BMW in KYC tyre garagePicture of a car in KYC tyre garage
see more reviews on our facebook page
see more reviews on our facebook page
see more reviews on our facebook page
see more reviews on our facebook page
see more reviews on our facebook page
see more reviews on our facebook page


Will the sealant ruin my tyre?

Will the Sealant coating stain, damage or rust my rims?

Does this mean i can whack on A racetrack or go off-road?

will the sealant change THE Tyre air pressure?

will it affect the balancing of my tyres?

Is there a warranty?

Singapore's #1 rated puncture protection specialist

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Singapore's #1-rated Tyre puncture protection
96 FACEBOOK REVIEWS - 5.0 stars